O.M.G., 2011
Series O.M.G. documents the modern churches in Poland. Deconstructive, postmodern architecture mainly from 1980s and 1990s, applied to church buildings, is not so common in Czech Republic. However in Poland each new built-up area allows construction of the modern church. These (often bizarre) buildings were a topic of my photographic series O.M.G. From selected photographs I created a publication.
The 8th sin, 2011

The 8th sin was made during my internship in Krakow, Poland. The series follows (in Poland still controversial) topic of homosexuality. I tried to avoid cliché in gay art and highlight gentle, playful and spiritual side of homosexual life.
Řekni „máma“ (Say "mum“), 2011

A young woman becomes a mother and her world from day to day changes. Endless cycle of gradual loss of her own life. Obligations, estrangement, routine. “Honey, say mum”!
kept memories
Kept memories, 2010

A series about past. About things we keep for memories… Old clothes we have in wardrobe just because they remind us something. I tried to catch atmosphere of things we dream about, but which don’t exist anymore.
Disconnected, 2010

A self-portrait series. Does it seem illogical? It can, it is an internal world. Our problems and feelings don‘t have to be readable for others. Sometimes we wish something we cannot posses and it soaks through our dreams to the real world.
dead brides
Dead brides, 2010

A fashion serie with hidden meaning. Those photographs don’t present ordinary fashion, they show rather problems and "injuries“ covered by beauty and glamour. Nothing is as simple as it seems on the first sight.
why don't you love me
Why don’t you love me?, 2008

An effort of man to gain a woman. A fear of woman to succumb. Game. Misunderstanding. Despair.

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